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Catfishing on Kentucky Lake

1-2 fishermen. (I can accommodate another person or two, if arranged ahead of time.) I usually fish 4-6 rods simultaneously, depending on the technique being used. Departure times are flexible, and time can be added to a trip unless I have another trip planned on the same day or an engagement off the water.

5 hour trip is $500 per boat

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Why go catfishing?

Kentucky lake, Barkley lake, Cumberland river, and Tennessee river offer great catfishing opportunities. We have an abundance of water to fish and the space to make tactical adjustments for seasonal patterns by simply moving bodies of waters to where the fishing is better. Catfishing can be very good during the coldest months of January and February when we target blue cats in the deep holes of the old river channels of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. In the spring months of May and early June, we change tactics, choosing to move onto the flats and use various techniques to catch pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn blue and channel cat. The catfish bite on the lakes usually slows steadily when the temperatures climb higher in mid-summer, the current slows, and the thermocline develops.  Fish in these conditions will feed but are many times suspended over deep water and much harder to catch in acceptable numbers. These tougher conditions typically prompt a move when the surface temperature is above 80 degrees. When conditions are right, we begin targeting fish in the tailwater areas where the water has plenty of oxygen and abundant baitfish that catfish pursue. Early spring trips are daytime only, but late summer prompts a change to a late evening and night pattern which is better for the bite and more comfortable for the anglers. The bite on the lakes usually picks back up during the month of October as water temperatures cool and fish feed up for winter on the abundance of baitfish. Then the cycle starts again. One thing is for certain: catfish bite hard and fight harder and they are a lot of fun to catch.    


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