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Damian will do what it takes to make his clients appreciate the sport of bowfishing. Very knowledgeable on the local lakes and rivers. All around great guy that will make your time on the water enjoyable. Get ready for some bowfishing action.

- Matthew Schillinger (PR Manager at AMS Bowfishing)

What makes us the best guide on Kentucky Lake?

About Loveless Outdoor Adventures

Damian spends many days per year on the water enjoying the hobbies he pursues. He loves the rush of hand fishing for big flathead catfish and using a rod and reel. It doesn’t matter if it’s bitter cold, deep-water blue cats and crappie, springtime bluegill and channel cats, or mid-summer pursuits, you can bet he will be wetting a line somewhere. He also loves to gun the open water for diver ducks in late winter from layout boats. There are many hunting and angling opportunities in KY, and Damian doesn’t like to miss them.

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