Kentucky Lake Bowfishing

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Bowfishing on Kentucky Lake

Up to 4 shooters with additional shooters for a possible fee. I can accommodate up to four people in the boat but usually only allow two shooters on the deck at a time, unless I feel safe with a third (based on age and experience). A second boat may be available if needed. Shooters can choose to alternate, so everyone gets in on the action.

6 hour trip is $500 per boat

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Why go bowfishing?

Kentucky lake, Barkley lake, Tennessee river, and Cumberland river has been a bowfishing paradise for as long as I can remember; some of my fondest outdoor memories have been made while standing on a boat’s deck with a bow in my hand. The abundance of lakes and rivers at our disposal is immense, and we know from experience how to find the fish. Whether you prefer to shoot buffalo, common carp and gar, or target the invasive bighead and silver carp, I have a trip for you. I do my best to keep clients in a target-rich environment by scouting the nights previous and consulting a network of friends who spend lots of time on the water. We shoot some big fish here in KY. My personal goal is that when you climb into my boat, we will make lifelong memories. Just give me a call and we will put together a trip that will exceed expectations.

What to bring

Bowfishing clients will only need to bring snacks and drinks to go in the cooler. They will need a fishing license which can easily be obtained online or at one of the local bait shops and a headlamp is always a good piece of equipment to have. I will provide an assortment of bows, arrows and all other equipment to meet everyone’s needs. I can accommodate adults, women and children. I am also with experienced clients who prefer to use their own gear. The image gallery below has some pictures of the gear.

Pictures from past trips

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