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Duck Hunting on Kentucky Lake

1-2 hunters in the layout boats at a time. (I can arrange to hunt with more people using a second boat and a bank spread for additional fees.  Hunters can alternate between the layouts and the bank spread.)  Hunting will begin at legal shooting hours and continue until limits are taken or noon when the flight is slower (approx. 6hrs)

6 hour trip is $600 per boat

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Why go Duck Hunting on Kentucky Lake?

Kentucky Lake isn’t known as a premier duck hunting destination; however, the big waters of Western KY hold large numbers of fast-flying diver ducks and abundant opportunities for waterfowl memories. We hunt the open water out of Lake Eerie style layout boats.  When you couple these nearly invisible boats with a large diver spread, the results can be intense. If you have never hunted out of layouts, it is very different than a traditional blind. When the birds cut the edge of the decoy spread at full speed and you sit up to shoot, many times they are virtually in your face.  It is an exciting and effective method to gun for ducks. We target bluebills, goldeneyes, buffleheads, and a mixed bag of other divers including an occasional canvasback. As with other waterfowl hunts, the colder weather brings hotter action.  So, if you like to see a lot of birds and enjoy fast action, let’s go shoot some birds.   


Pictures from past trips

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